Arya Dwivedi

Being a part of the DAA for two years now has allowed me to grow a stronger passion for the accounting industry. I started off as a first-year representative then progressed my way to the Direct of Marketing position. The DAA gave me an amazing opportunity to get involved in the accounting industry while exploring other aspects of business such as marketing. Along with this, the DAA provided me with a strong support system through my journey of starting university through the pandemic. I was able to connect with amazing upper-year students and gain a sense of belonging despite being in a virtual environment. I want to provide the same experience for other students and provide a space where like-minded students can work together. As president, I would bring back in-person events and allow students to have numerous opportunities to network and learn more about the accounting industry. I would definitely want to collaborate with more clubs in DeGroote to allow students to explore different aspects of the business industry and get a glimpse of how they can use a CPA designation in different industries.

In my time as a DAA executive member, I was able to see how the CPA can be used in finance and the consulting industry and this helped me immensely in looking at the different career paths available to me. Being part of the DAA also allowed me to network with industry professionals. Despite being on zoom I was able to connect with amazing professionals in the accounting industry and as president, I would want to continue this and bring in an in-person element. Some ideas I have are to host a speed coffee chat event where I would bring in accounting professionals and give DeGroote students the opportunity to have coffee chats. Along with this, I would want to continue the FPC competition as well as the mentorship program. I participated in the mentorship program myself and I was connected with a great mentor who helped me immensely in my second year of the commerce program. If I was to be president I would bring in an in-person element to the mentorship program and allow students to connect with their mentors in an in-person fashion. In the case that we are still online in the next year, I have experience organizing events while being virtual. In my position as Direct of Marketing, I was the backbone in bringing in a high turnout in virtual events and I can bring these skills and experiences forward as president. Overall, the DAA has been a second family to me over these past two years and I want to provide similar experiences to future students.

Richard Shin

Having been a part of the DAA as Director of Corporate Development, I have come to understand how the club operates as well as the value it provides for students within the DeGroote community. Having invested a lot of time and hard work into the club, it is in my best interest that the DAA upholds its reputation as one of the largest and most impactful student-led clubs within DeGroote. Hence, I would be honoured to have the opportunity to lead the DAA, as president next year, to pass on the experience and knowledge I have gained this year to the incoming executives of this club as well as continue to further enhance the club.

My plan for next year can be summarized into two main goals:

1) Work closely with marketing to brainstorm new strategies to increase student engagement for our events (given the impact COVID-19 has had on attendance). One idea that I would like to implement next year is to reach out to 1st and 2nd year accounting professors to allow us a few minutes to introduce the DAA to younger students in order to broaden the exposure of the DAA (this can be done in collaboration with marketing and corporate development. 2) Introduce recruitment, networking, interview, resume, and cover letter workshops (internally) to students pursuing accounting to aid them in securing their dream job. This is something that I would especially like to push for next year as I believe the ultimate goal of a student-led club should be to aid students in DeGroote to land their desired internship/FT role.

Having given this some thought, (and further discussion will be required with the new executive team as well) I feel that the goals I have outlined above are quite a handful to execute considering that the executive team will be full-time students with assignments and exams to study for. In my opinion, it will require extensive care and effort to even maintain the quality of the DAA’s performance so far. Considering this, I would say that holistically, this will be the main goal I will have if I were to become the next president of the DAA.

I am someone who takes extracurriculars very seriously. It is indeed a fact that when someone applies for an executive role in a club, it is expected that that individual is fully committing to the responsibilities he/she will have to care for. However, the DAA has felt more than just a responsibility to me. The new friends I have met, the collaboration, planning, and problem-solving skills I have attained, and the opportunity I have gained to help other students from this club really hold a dear place in my heart. I promise that, given this opportunity, I will do my best to continue the awesome work the current co-presidents have done for this club. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Keya Patel

The DAA President position will allow me to help students who are struggling in making their accounting career. As an individual that has also faced this crisis, I can empathize with students who feel overwhelmed and out of place. I know there might be students questioning themselves on whether they are following the right career path because they may be struggling keeping up their grades or getting internships. I want to be the person guiding them and be in a leadership position where I can tell them that it is alright. I want the opportunity to give students advice and guidelines as to how to improve and further their accounting career. I can assist in the development of greater understanding and beliefs among the students, along with encouraging them to reach out and maintain a sense of community within the university.

As a first generation immigrant, growing up I did not see a lot of representation in the community. I want to be the next DAA President to encourage more representation in the club as it allows minorities to feel validated and allows them to express their opinions comfortably. This creates a team environment where ideas are diverse, perspectives are varied, and everyone feels valued.

More networking events with business firms and individuals in our profession will let students hear suggestions and obtain guidance from experienced individuals, which is something I would like to achieve for the future DAA community. We may also be able to learn about crucial news and forthcoming changes in the accounting field. Networking also teaches us how to engage with others effectively. I would partner with other clubs to provide more possibilities for people to collaborate, so that members may meet one other and feel more welcomed. I believe leaders must help create valuable opportunities and experiences for their fellow peers, which further helps the community because they are now equipped with knowledge that can aid others. Opportunities are places where people can try new things, improve their skills, and perhaps discover themselves. As a leader, it is my responsibility to match the opportunity to the person and to assist the individual professionally to their potential. Observing, identifying, and generating opportunities for individuals being led are all part of open-door leadership.