Executives Team

The DAA has a long standing practice of aiding students in their transition from studying accounting at university to applying that knowledge in the accounting work place. We strive to find new and unique opportunities that will provide students and our designated partners with value. Our committed executive members ensure that each year the established tradition of the DAA continues to grow and prosper into the future.

2013/2014 Executive Members

Manraj Chauhan - President

Hello everyone, my name is Manraj Chauhan and I am the President of the DeGroote Accounting Association. As President my duties include working with our executive team, faculty and sponsors to ensure that the DAA is able to provide its members a great number of opportunities within the field of accounting. The DAA has had another successful year and we are looking to build on that with even more events and opportunities for our members to learn about the various accounting designations and to connect with employers. If you are unsure of what path to take within the Commerce program or you are set on pursuing a career within accounting I am confident the DAA has a great deal of value for you. If anyone would like to learn more about the DAA please do not hesitate to speak with me. I look forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming events!

Geoffrey Blasutti - VP Administration

Hello Everyone! My name is Geoffrey Blasutti and I will be the Vice President of Administration for this upcoming year. My duties revolve around the attaining of sponsors and planning of the various events that we will be hosting throughout the year. My goal for this upcoming year is to attain more industry representatives to expose everyone to a different aspect in the world of accounting. I look forward to seeing everyone at our events this year!

Kristen McMurdo - VP Finance

Hello everyone! As Vice President of Finance I am dedicated to committing my time, knowledge and skills to ensure that the DAA has another outstanding year! I will be responsible for all cash flows for the DAA and maintaining an organized and professional budget to ensure every event is allocated the funding it needs to allow for the most prestigious and professional experience for our members.  My main goal for the upcoming year it so stay strictly on budget to guarantee precise account balances and accurately monitor our finances for our team to meet your needs! Best wishes for the 2013/2014 school year and I look forward to another great year with you all at the DAA!

Ally Nabbouh - Director of Communications

Hello everyone! I am Ally Nabbouh and I will be this year’s Director of Communications for the DAA. My job involves conveying information about upcoming events to the faculty and accounting students. I am in charge of managing the associations e-mail account to ensure all incoming questions from the students are answered. I strongly encourage all students to get involved with the DAA this year by coming out to our events and I welcome all students to please e-mail the DAA if you have any questions for us, we’re more than happy to help! 

Stephen De Young – Director of Technology

For the role of Director of Technology, it is my duty to keep the DAA website up to date, create the executive business cards and assist in the design of the club t-shirts. This year will be my fourth year at DeGroote and I am thrilled to be a part of the DeGroote Accounting Association for my final year. Through this role I hope to keep students up to date on the many different events run by this club. I look forward to seeing both past and new members in this upcoming school year.

Rochelle Jorge - Director of Marketing

Hey everyone! My name is Rochelle Jorge and I will be the Director of Marketing for the upcoming school year. Being a new member to the DeGroote Accounting Association executive team, I am excited to work and meet a variety of new people. As Director of Marketing, I have been assigned the tasks of creating executive business cards, designing the DAA t-shirt, creating promotions for events, keeping the social media accounts updated and informative, and much more. I hope to meet many of the new members as well as the returning members as I fulfill my role. Feel free to talk to me about any questions or suggestions you may have! I’d love to hear your opinion!

Maya Baluschak – Director of Public Relations

Hi everyone! As the Director of Public Relations for a consecutive year, I am excited to see what this year has in store for us! My main role is to create the monthly DAA newsletter named, “The Bottom Line”. Here I am able to discuss current and future accounting related events as well as provide students with articles and tips about the industry. If anyone has any ideas for or questions about the DAA newsletter, please feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you out at our events!

Alexandra Stawecka-Lacina  - Director of Logistics

As this year’s Director of Logistics, my main responsibilities involve booking rooms for all events and meetings as needed, along with assisting in the set up of these events. This year I also have the pleasure of planning the associations Alumni Night. I am currently in my fourth year of the commerce program with desires to pursue my CA designation. I hope to see you all at the many DAA events, and I look forward to working hard to ensure a successful year!  

Julie Ling Ma  – FPC Co-Chair

Entering my third consecutive year as part of the Executive Team, I am pleased to serve as Co-Chair of this upcoming Fast Pace to the Case Accounting Competition. Alongside my Co-Chair, we are dedicated to coordinating an exceptional experience for the elite students and professionals in the field of accounting. We strive to enhance the reputation of this Competition and that of the Association’s with the fluidity and structure of this year’s Competition. Having served as an ambassador for external business conferences, and assisted at two of the previous FPC Accounting Competitions, I understand the level of detail that is required to develop a valuable opportunity for professional development. I am very fortunate to have and share this responsibility with my Co-Chair to bring forth an esteemed Competition for our prospective sponsors, judges and participants to partake. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any inquiries, I look forward to connecting with you.

Jason Thalla  – FPC Co-Chair

I am excited to represent the DAA as this year’s Co-Chair for the Fast Pace to the Case (FPC) Competition! As a Co-Chair, I will ensure that Ontario’s brightest accounting students have a successful platform to compete for one of the province’s largest cash prizes. I will be working closely with the event facilitator, sponsors, faculty, participants, judges, and other key stakeholders in order to create an effective logistics plan. As the year progresses, my other Co-Chair and I will be recruiting leading judges from the accounting industry, inviting delegates and teams from the top accounting programs in Ontario, as well as training volunteers and preparing for ad-hoc issues. I will maintain detail-oriented and ensure that this event runs smoothly for all the parties involved. If you would like to help with the FPC, please look out for volunteer opportunities closer to the event date. I am thrilled and dedicated to represent the DAA, as well as the DeGroote community, and making FPC 2014 the best one yet!

Alanna Dewan  - 4th Year Executive

As the fourth year representative for the DAA, it is my job to convey information about upcoming events to students. I also act as a liaison between fourth year students and accounting professors. I am entering my fourth year at DeGroote and am very excited for the upcoming year. I look forward to meeting everyone and I hope to see you all at our events this year!

Steven Dueck  – 3rd Year Executive

It is a privilege to be selected as the 3rd Year Representative of the DAA for this academic year! I look forward to informing students on the various events organized by the DAA, as well as doing my best to answer any questions you may have about accounting designations or the association itself. My main goals for the year are to bring students who are interested in accounting into the association, as well as to generate a drive for academic and professional success in peers within the McMaster community. Please feel free to connect with me at any point during the year with any questions or concerns; I’d be happy to talk!

Adam Lovell  – 2nd Year Executive

Hello everyone, I am so excited and looking forward to representing you guys in the upcoming year.  As the 2nd Year Representative, I will be your primary liaison for any opportunities and events related to accounting and also networking with firms. If any 2nd year students have any questions regarding the DAA or the accounting profession in general, I will be more than happy to answer. I look forward to meeting you guys in the coming year and seeing you at DAA events.

Akshay Gujral  - 1st Year Executive

Entering my first year here at McMaster in the commerce program, it is an honour to be the first year representative of the DeGroote Accounting Association. My goal this year as the first year rep is to enhance the first year experience of my fellow commerce students by encouraging participation in various case competitions, workshops and networking events provided by the DAA. I am also here to provide helpful advice as well as to try and answer any questions students have regarding ways they can get involved with the association. Best of luck to everyone, it should be a fantastic year.

Aaron Reilly  - MBA Representative

As MBA representative of the DeGroote Accounting Organization, my job is to act as a liaison for MBA students based on the Burlington MBA campus of McMaster University.  We intend to keep MBA students interested in accounting in the loop as far as what events are happening on the Hamilton campus, and also start some new accounting initiatives on the Burlington campus (Undergrads will be welcome too).  For many students, making your career decision between CGA/CMA/CA is a difficult one, as an MBA representative my goal is to help you answer that question.  For those of you that are undergrads interested in MBA, don’t hesitate to approach me with questions regarding that either.  I will also help to run several new events on Burlington campus to allow MBA students to network with accounting professionals and explore career opportunities. In closing I am looking forward to an exciting year and the opportunity to run several long awaited initiatives on the Burlington campus.

Ramanjeet Kaur Kanda  - MBA Representative

As the MBA Representative of the DAA, my objective is to educate students interested in the Accounting and Financial Management Services specialization and the accounting designations within the MBA program offered at DeGroote. As the primary liaison between MBA candidates and the DAA, I will be promoting DAA’s events and addressing any concerns the MBA student body may have. With an aim of providing MBA students with real-world exposure to the industry, my efforts will also include hosting MBA-accounting related events that supplement DeGroote’s MBA program. I look forward to meeting all MBA-Accounting students and ensuring you all have an amazing journey at DeGroote! Wish you accounting professionals all the best!