Participating Member Certificates

This is a reminder to all members about our┬áParticipating┬áMember Program and for those who are unaware of it. Every time you attend a DAA event, you will receive a stamp on that back of your membership card. If you receive 5 or more, you will receive a “DAA Participating Member Certificate”. It will be the member’s responsibility to email us notifying us of your achievement once all 5 stamps have been collected.

This program is intended to distinguish and recognize those members who want to be more involved with the club. Firms are beginning to recognize this program since it is our second year running the program so it would obviously be a great thing to put on your resume!

If you have received 5 stamps, please contact George Tijanic (DAA President) to notify him. Your name will be placed on the list and certificates will be available for pick up at the end of March.